How to Hem Jeans

How to hem your jeans while keeping the original, distressed hem.
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Back when I was in high school, I sent my new jeans to the tailor to get hemmed. They literally cut off the bottom and hemmed at the desired height. They looked awful. NEVER AGAIN.
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Try on your jeans and see how (too) long they are with your desired shoes. Use a ruler to measure. Mine were 4 1/2 inches too long! Yes, I am a shorty.

To keep the original hem, divide the too-long length by two. 

For me, that would be 4 1/2 divided by 2 = 2 1/4 inches. 

Fold over the hem and measure from the inside edge of the hem. Pin and sew right at the edge of the hem.

Turn the hem inside the pant leg. Iron the hem down. Try on your pants to make sure the length is where you want it.

If the length is correct, cut away the excess fabric. Leave 1/4" to 1/3" of excess fabric.

Blind stitch the unfinished edge to the main leg of the jeans. You can use foot "R" with your brother sewing machine or do it by hand. I lost my "R" foot so ... I did it by hand. Only took a few minutes.

These jeans are 4/12 inches shorter but still lookin' good!

Bean-Speckled Easter Eggs

Navy beans and food coloring combine to make beautiful speckled Easter eggs.

Edit 3/27/2017: So ... these don't ever end up completely dry. They seemed dry to to the touch the next day but when I tried to peel one, I ended up with coloring all over my hands (easily washed off). These do look really pretty but I'd consider it a "look but don't touch situation". 


  • One Pint or Two Pint Sized Disposable Containers with Lids
  • Gel Food Coloring
  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Egg Carton
  • Extra-Long Toothpicks
  • Dried Navy Beans
  • Disposable gloves

Hard boil your eggs.


  • Cover eggs with cold water, add a splash of vinegar and bring the pot to a boil. 
  • Take the eggs off the burner and cover for 15 minutes. 
  • Put the eggs in a cold water/ice bath until fully cooled.
  • Dry with a soft cloth

Measure 1/3 to 1/2 cup dried navy beans. Place beans in a disposable container. Add your first color.

Mix with a long toothpick.

Place your egg in the container, cover the container and lightly shake the egg in the beans. You may need to turn the container upside down or sideways to cover the egg.

Put on a disposable glove, remove egg from beans and set to dry in an egg carton.

Repeat for as many eggs as you'd like. You may need to add more food coloring.

Add your second color.

Mix slightly, so that some of the original color remains.

Speckle more eggs. Put in fridge overnight to dry.

I particularly like the blue and the blue/red combo!

DIY T-Shirt Towel for Perfectly Smooth Hair

The friction from regular terry-cloth towels can make your hair frizzy! Smooth your tresses dry with a t-shirt towel.

This is a cowl, tube style towel. It allows the user to choose single or dual layers.

This is a great. quick starter project for those who want to practice sewing with knits. Remember to trade out your regular needle for a ball-point needle.


  • 2 Men's Large or XL T-shirts
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors or Rotary Cutter

Pick two soft, knit t-shirts. Try to find two that are the same width armpit-to-armpit.

Cut across each t-shirt right at the armpit. Keep remainder for painting/cleaning rags or DIY bibs.

Place one tube inside the other, right sides together. Pin raw edges. Make sure you're only pinning the two layers together, not all four straight across the top.

If one t-shirt is a little bigger, fold over the excess and make  pleat.

Sew raw edges together. Make sure not to "stretch" the fabric as you're sewing and use a ball-point needle. Keep everything as even as possible. Otherwise it will buckle like this haha.

Turn top layer inside out. Iron seam down if you'd like.

Hang it in your bathroom and smooth your hair dry :-).

DIY Metal Washer Bracelet

These metal washer bracelets are a great teen craft! Might sell well at craft sale fundraisers?

I adapted this from the Metal Washer + Ribbon necklace tutorial. Fold-over elastic makes it easy to take these bracelets on and off. Younger kids can make these, too. Just make sure there's a responsible adult around to  melt the ends of the elastic.


  • Approx. 22 inches Fold-Over Elastic - I bought this pack at Walmart for $2.97
  • (8-12) 1/2" Flat Washers, Zinc - Bought at Lowes, $2.19 for pack of 25. You can buy these by the piece, just make sure to get these zinc washers and not the galvanized ones. The galvanized washers have a great patina but the bag carries a cancer warning!
  • Scissors
  • Lighter or lit candle

Look at your washers. They each have a smooth-edge side. These should face upward.

Cut 22" of fold-over elastic. The pattern side should face upward.

Start about 1 1/2" away from the left end of the elastic. Take two washers and place them on the elastic like the picture below.

For washer #1, place the elastic under the left side and over the right side. For washer #2, place the elastic OVER the left side and under the right side. Place the left side of #2 over the right side of #1

Flip washer #2 to the left (upside down). Thread the elastic through the hole of washer #1.

Flip washer #2 to the right.

Thread the elastic through the hole of washer #2 by pulling it from under washer #2.

Repeat with remaining washers. I used 9 nine washers.

Flip upside down.

Bring ends together and knot. Try it on to see if the bracelet fits well.

Tighten knot and snip off the excess. Light your candle and bring the ends of the elastic NEAR (NOT IN) the flame. This will slightly melt the ends and keep the elastic from raveling. If the elastic is smoking or turning black, you've burned it! Trim and try again.

Tug the knot towards the center of the washer in front of the knot. Stretch the elastic so that the washers are evenly spaced.

Wear it with pride :-).